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ScanGauge provides real-time data about your vehicle’s instant and average fuel economy, fuel used, cost of fuel used for each trip, cost per mile, gallons per hour and more! There are many ways to reduce your fuel usage and increase fuel economy. Real time feedback like what the ScanGauge provides is one of the most effective. Hi all, I have a 2016 EXL-Nav that I want to update the system software on. The dealer says I can do it myself (they really don't want to) but I haven't been able to find any info on how to do so, either on the Honda Owners site or here. Can someone point me to information on the step-by-step... The OBD-II cable plugs into the top Scangauge. From there, it daisy chains to the others. The top Scangauge has firmware 4.06 while the bottom 2 have 3.17. The backlight on the 4.06 and the 3.17 are different color even though they are supposedly the same color setting. I printed the Scangauge mount out of ABS. Aug 27, 2020 · 2.5” lift 32x11.50x15,cold air intake, Smittybuilt stainless steel Bumpers, rough county pocket flares,Rugged ridge seat covers and floor mats. Conversion LED headlights 20’ LED Light bar hardtop,soft top,bikini top.