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sary press adjustments while rounds are still within SAAMI spec. Accuracy Pistol cartridges intended for self-defense are tested at 21 feet. Rifle cartridges intended for hunting, tactical applications and target shooting are tested at a minimum of 100 yards. Pistol cartridges used primarily for hunting are tested at 50 yards. Penetration And ... smokeless powder burning rate chart All of the following information was taken from Sierra Rifle Reloading Manual, 4th Edition and Vihtavuori 1996 reloading guide. The following powders are listed by their approximate burning rate, from "fastest" to "slowest". Jan 24, 2013 · The NATO specification is also rated for a higher chamber pressure. Likewise, testing procedures are different. NATO uses 5.56mm test barrels designed to measure chamber pressure at the case mouth, as opposed to the SAAMI location. This difference in the point of measurement can account for a pressure measurement difference of 20,000 psi or more.