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A Rolls-Royce-supplied oil temperature sender is mounted on the inboard side of the oil tank. Oil circulates through the engine oil system via three oil delivery lines. Refer to Figure Cool oil exits the oil tank and enters the engine, hot oil exits the engine and enters the engine oil cooler, and cooled oil exits the oil cooler and returns to ... Diesel Engine Instruction Manuals and Spare Parts Catalogs Yanmar Diesel Engine Instruction 142100 Caterpillar ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK - Operating Instruction, Maintenance (workshop) 232002 DOOSAN Marine Diesel Generators - Catalogue. Rolls-Royce and Bergen diesel engines...Operating and maintenance manual model HC-300 dehumidifier. The HC-300 can give you years of trouble-free service if you follow the recom-mendations listed in this manual. We strongly recommended that you read this whole manual.