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Went to start my Preddy to go riding Sat. morning and the starter clutch went completely out!I knew this was coming, so I pulled it and replaced it. Then when I tried to start it,it backfired through the intake. I turned up the idle screw a bit and it stopped backfiring, unless you tried to choke it, then it would backfire. I took carb off and cleaned it even though I just cleaned/rebuilt it a ...It is best to start with less tension and add tension if you notice the plow blade tripping forward too easily, like when contacting hard snow. The plow springs (3) may be set stiffer by tightening the self-locking nuts (5) located at the ends of the eye bolts (4). For less tension, loosen the nuts.Hi I just baught this 2012 rzr 900 a couple of weeks ago and was out enjoying it all day saterday with no issues. Was shut off and restarted multiple time without hesitation. On Sunday I went to start it to unload it off my trailer and it just cranks and cranks and doesn't even try to start. I checked fuel spark and the air filter and all were ...Nov 01, 2015 · I started my Ranger 2014 900 XPS this morning and it started right up. I put it in gear (H) and it wont move. The Engine Light comes on. Any ideas on what could be the problem. I need it to go pull my trailer out of the mud so I can hook it up to my truck to go get firewood.