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Or try partially concealing a toy under a blanket, and see if your baby will reach for it herself — if she does, reward her with a big "peekaboo" and lots of smiles. Newborns are easily overwhelmed, so watch her cues: If she turns her head to the side or startles at your "boo," take a break and try again later.Sep 28, 2016 · Gender-blurring made as awkward as possible at Maison Margiela — but why? ... blah, blah, blah. Designers love a little peek-a-boo. But there is more. Yves Saint Laurent, the man himself, toyed ... owie, boo-boo: wound * avoir bobo – to have an owie, to be hurt Note: bobo is also the abbreviation of bourgeois bohème (hipster) le caca: cacare (Latin) poo poo: feces * faire caca – to go number 2 : le coco: coquille : egg : coucou : hi Note: also used for peek-a-boo : le dada : horsie, gee-gee: horse : le dodo: dormir: beddy-bye: go to ... Mikobella's profile on Hello everyone☺ I like meeting new people and making friends with them. So if you only wanna get to know me better, do...