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• Numerical algorithms for computing the derivative of a func-tion require the estimate of the slope of the function for some particular range of x values • Three common approaches are the backward difference, for-ward difference, and the central difference (x ) f(x) Global Maximum Local Minimum Local Maximum xk – 1 xk xk + 1 f(xk + 1 ) 2.6. Midpoint Displacement Algorithm Midpoint Displacement termasuk dalam model fractal tanpa rumus matematika. Algoritma intinya adalah untuk memperoleh bilangan random dengan batasan tertentu setiap iterasi, dan pada setiap iterasi berikutnya batasan random itu dikurangi menjadi lebih kecil dengan dikali koefisien roughness (H). Tensor algorithms operate on tensor matrices. An example of a tensor algorithm is to show the components of stress or strain in a material using oriented icons. Modelling algorithms generate dataset topology or geometry, or surface normals or texture data. Modelling algorithms tend to be the catch-all category for many algorithms, since some do ... Midpoint Riemann sum approximations are solved using the formula. where is the number of subintervals and is the function evaluated at the midpoint. For this problem, . The approximate value at each midpoint is below. The sum of all the approximate midpoints values is , therefore