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3d printed 1911 magazine
Compatibility: Archer Polish Beryl, Arsenal *, CAI M74, Century Arms AK63D, Century Arms RH10, Chinese MAK 90, Chinese Norinco Hunter, Chinese Norinco MAK 90, Chinese Norinco NHM 91, Chinese Type 56, DDI Rifles, Egyptian Maad, Hungarian *, IO Inc AKM-214 Series, IO Inc AKM-247 Series, IO Inc Sporter, Lancaster AK, M&M M10, M&M M10-762, MTK90S-01, Palmetto Armory PSAK, Polish Tantal, Riley ... Jul 24, 2012 · What I have is a somewhat rare variant of the Chinese Norinco Mak-90. My particular version has a serial number of 008376 with no addition to the date like 99% of Mak's for the import date. What really sets it apart is that the receiver still had the imprints for the underfolder. WTS: Chinese MAK-90 conversion and milled SLR-100H. about 7 years ago Details. Price $1,250.00 Brand Norinco Seller Richard-ar15 Available on Location ...