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Headstone Spray Saddle – Headstone sprays are attached to the top of the headstone by a special bracket (or saddle). This saddle is specifically made to fit over the headstone without harming it. The saddle consists of four bendable metal arms used to clamp the arrangement over the headstone. AFTR’s camera and app provide 24/7 video and private two-way audio streaming. This technology allows you to visit your loved one’s memorial virtually, pray for them, and make sure their headstone is being respected. The tradition of keeping grave lights lit at a loved one’s grave is a very old one. Family Members would come to the cemetery every week and change the candle that would burn for seven days. Today, with the help of modern technology can still carry on these traditions of leaving a loving, peaceful light for the ones we love with solar technology. It allows the solar grave lights to charge during the day and illuminate the grave all night long without having to change a candle every week.