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Help center - adjustable air shutter. Help Center - Glossary of terms Adjustable air shutters The gas that powers the grill travels thru the gas valve and orifice under pressure, into the venturi or, in the case of modern tube burners, the throat of the burner, which is constricted to act like a built-in venturi, and then into the burner itself. Fireplaces come with several remote control alternatives. The number of features and the type of natural gas stove should guide your choice. SMART-BATT – This is suited for a hearth that was wired without electricity. The remote uses thermostatic temperature control to turn the flame on/off. It has a child-safety feature and a countdown timer. 10.0 adjustment 50 10.1 pilot burner adjustment 50 10.2 venturi adjustment 50 10.3 flame characteristics 51 11.0 maintenance 51 11.1 annual maintenaince 51 11.2 door glass replacement 52 11.3 care of glass 52 12.0 replacements 53 13.0 troubleshooting 57 14.0 warranty 59