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Cellserv Asset Tracking offers a complete real time view of your fleet status and vehicle locations. Cloud based tracking software allows effective and efficient management via phone and. Description of cellranger can be found here. 10X Genomics cellranger uses the STAR aligner under the hood to map reads to a genome after first preprocessing them (extracting cell and UMI sequences). cellranger version 3 has many sub-applications. cellranger mkfastq. cellranger count; cellranger aggr; cellranger reanalyze; cellranger mat2csv ... cellranger单细胞分析流程主要分为:数据拆分(cellranger mkfastq、细胞定量cellranger count、组合分析cellranger aggr、参数调整cellranger reanalyze。还有一些用户可能会用到的功能:mat2csv、mkgtf、mkref、vdj、mkvdjref、testrun、upload、sitecheck。