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May 19, 2016 · Once impacket is installed, we can use the included script to remotely dump the password hashes: -just-dc-ntlm <DOMAIN>/<USER>@<DOMAIN_CONTROLLER> It will ask for the password, the account used should have Domain Admin rights on the target domain. If you want to output results into a pwdump file, use -outputfile ... Generating a random salt uses the pseudo-random number generator in your browser so chances are it's not using cryptographically secure randomness. If this bothers you, enter your own salt. Source Select random passwords of 15 characters or longer in order to force the LM Hash to incorrectly match anything. This effectively disables the LM Hash from the user's perspective. If you are forced to authenticate from legacy Windows clients, or against legacy Windows servers, the best you can do is use a 14 character random password.