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We tried this with the sum of the natural numbers using summation, and fell flat on our faces, so this time we will go straight into setting up for the sum of the cubes, in the hope By integrating the x2, we find the area under the graph to be x3/3, so the area of the rectangles (sum of squares) is the area...Question: Section 5.4 13. Use The Backtracking Algorithm For The Sum-of-Subsets Problem (Algorithm 5.4) To Find All Combinations Of The Following Numbers That Sum To W = 52: W1 = 2 W2 = 10 W3 = - 13 W4 — = 17 W5 = 22 W6 = 42 Problem: Given N Positive Integers (weights) And A Positive Integer W, Deter- Inputs: Positive Integer N, Sorted (nondecreasing Order) ... printf(" Enter the 5 Digit number: "); scanf("%ld",&digit); while(digit>0) { reverse*=10; reverse+=digit%10; digit/=10;} printf(" The Reverse is\t\t: %ld",reverse); getch();} Algorithm step 1: Start step 2: Intilize reverse=0. step 3: Read digit step 4: Check whether digit>0 then go to step 5 else go to step 9 step 5: reverse =reverse *10 This algorithm computes the determinant with a cubic number of operations, since it has to compute the sum of 1 + 2 2 + 3 2 + . . . (n-1) 2 determinants each of which involves two multiplications a subtraction and a division.